Interestingthread.  I disagree violence is inevitablefor the change but with 
the millionaire’s club called Congress running thingsit seems likely.
The rot startedwith Milton Freedman in 1976, stating that the purpose of 
business was tomaximize short term profit for the shareholders.  Business 
schools started teaching that andnow it is the normal practice.  Thisinevitably 
leads to growing income inequality that history shows always resultsin 
revolution if carried too far.
A better interimsolution is socialism as carried out by the Scandinavian 
countries.  These are now rated as better places to livethan America and they 
don’t have large slums and hundreds of thousands homelesspeople.   It would be 
far easier tochange the economic system that will be required by robotics and 
AI from thatstarting point.
Communism doesn’twork.  Greed is needed for motivation andeven if it started 
out with good leaders, Jerry Pounelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracyshows it will it 
What is requiredis something like Universal Basic Income (UBI) where the 
individual decides howto spend the money.  The limited trialsso far show that 
people actually become more productive.  If UBI is set at >$15.000 people won’t 
be soanxious about losing their jobs to AI and robotics. Switzerland proposed 

How to pay for itis the question.  It would replace allthe existing welfare 
schemes for starters. Healthcare costs could be halved by going to a single 
payer system asused by all the other advanced countries.  America has spent 
$14.2 trillion dollars on 13 wars I the last 30years.  The “defense” budget for 
2018 is$700 billion. Some could come from there. Taxation would pick up the 

Short of somedisaster, AI and technology will advance exponentially.  That 
people have money to spend is necessaryfor the economy to grow. Too many people 
here are in debt and can’t afford tobuy new stuff.  America could 
affordsomething like UBI but with our Congress a financial crash is more likely.

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