It's a matter of perspective of to works for who and to whom. In my
perspective, capitalism has been tried and never worked. Socialism (I
reserve communism for something else, utopic) always worked better on
average for most individuals, within my parameters. I didn't see it not
working but rather being defeated by external force, in most places though(
there is still North Korea and Cuba). The sheer lack of planning, leaving
stuff for random market forces, will necessarily lead to ultimate
destruction of capitalism, what comes next is anybody guess.

Note, I didn't address the state of affairs as power, but of responsibility
that a given system gives to individuals. I don't see greed as a thing or
an issue at all. I don't see it greed arising from evolution, so I don't
see it as human nature, it is lack of planning, lack of accountability, on
ideological level. This is why I see socialism as more akin to human
nature, but capitalism must be really destroyed, even at ideological level,
similar to the idea of serfdom or slavery. Then, the idea of socialism will
have to be destroyed in order to achieve communism.

Robots and AI will always be under the command of some people, so, I don't
see any hope in there. Machines will not achieve a transition to complete
control out of nowhere, similar to sky net. I don't see technology as
something that arises from a given economic system. It is rather applied
scientific method to solve problems and that's it. So, the British taking
technology here or there is not something good or bad, rather, it is its
use that matters.

I don't hope to convince anyone, I am showing a way out, in case anyone
reads this someday. I won't typein capslock like "Che" does, because,
ultimately, as my father says, if you don't learn by means of love, you
will learn by pain (and no, I am not saying in the hands of communists,
quite the opposite).

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