I've sat through a number of talks at fringe science conferences that were modelled on the two excellent you tube videos. The speakers usually give every impression that they fully believe the nonsense that they are presenting is correct.  There must be some fascinating psychology at work.  I assume that it has a syndrome name. If not then I am sure we could give it one.


On 29/11/2017 15:39, Jed Rothwell wrote:
Here is a copy of the video of Rossi's D&P show with the full audio track:


The version now at YouTube has chunks of the audio track cut out. Someone at LENR-forum was kind enough to upload the previous version with the full audio track. It will be available for a limited time, so download it if you want it.

Here are two semi-comprehensive descriptions of Rossi's theory as it applies to automotive transmissions and big data. In the first video, be sure to see the repair section starting at 1:55.



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