Have you (or MFMP) experimented with any variation of the Dardik superwave?

I think it is more than coincidence that Rossi, Brillouin, Kimmel, Energetics 
etc, etc have employed interfering waveforms as the input power.

Even if Rossi’s recent effort was a null result, it is true that his PS seems 
unusually lossy. 

Sadly, that is the most hopeful thing that anyone can honestly say about it….

From: Bob Higgins

➢ the demo served no net purpose - except possibly to those there that were 
granted greater access to the data.  You and I should take it as a presumed 
null experiment since there was inadequate data shared to show any XE.

JonesBeene wrote:

➢ The most important Euro Patent from Dardik, El-Boher et al entitled "Pulsed 
low energy nuclear reaction power generators" EP 1656678 B1 with a grant date 
of 2004. This is also known as the "superwave" patent. It is similar and 
precedes the Brillouin IP - and will also rain on the Godes parade, if it turns 
out that structured waveforms are the key to success.

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