From: Nigel Dyer

➢ There must be some fascinating psychology at  work.  I assume that it has a 
syndrome name. If not then I am sure we 
could give it one.

Agreed. There is Borderline Personality Disorder" (BPD) and check out the old 
Essay on the Leviton lie, from our mystery moderator Bill Beaty. The last part 
covers many bases.

Curiously, I am reading “Two kinds of Truth” right now, and in the context of 
“alternative facts” it is arguable that a case can be made for almost any false 
proposition, including that Rossi really has something this time. In fact, 
since he is in a field where modest thermal anomalies have been shown in the 
past, he “ought to have” seen something valid, but if so, he has done a grand 
job of hiding it and making success look exactly like fraud looks.

“Munchausen syndrome by proxy” is another  a well-known mental health problem 
in which a caregiver secretly harms a patient in order to get credit for 
discovering the fake illness (which was in fact caused by the caregiver). Is 
this a variant? 

There is weird transactional similarity in Rossi’s irrational desire to be 
recognized as a great inventor, even with no qualifications and in the face of 
past failures despite the harm that it does to his loyal followers.  He has an 
uncanny recognition for the fact that some target scientists want to see a 
particular outcome so badly that they will believe almost anything he says. The 
hilarious episode with Kulander and the Nobel prize is emblematic on how far 
removed Rossi is from reality. One hopes it did not hasten his demise.

But the really pathetic thing is the mindset of his a few of his sycophants, 
one of whom even refused to believe (in an earlier thread on vortex) that Rossi 
could be wearing a wig, back when the first picture emerged.

Why? I suppose that a wig is itself symbolic of Rossi’s pathology. It’s kind of 
a symbol of fakery and (lost) vigor but is completely unnecessary for a great 
inventor, a few of whom have turned the problem into a status symbol or even 
into fringe IP …

BTW – many of us on this forum, present company included, are well on the way 
to baldness but have a different (couldn’t care less) attitude about the need 
to hide it.

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