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> 1.No radiation accompanied the He-4

Yes, that is true of all cold fusion experiments. If there were radiation,
it would not be cold fusion.

> 2. The excess energy was about 100 milliwattsWatts for several hours

The peak was around 500 mW.

3. The background He-4 was ~ 5pm

Yes. That is actually a strength. It is so low that anything like a leak
would be far above the amounts Miles measured.

> 4. The measured He-4 was only 5 ppB !

As I said, a leak would be hundreds of times higher.

5. The diffusion rates of He-4 through the walls was simply dismissed.

No, it was measured repeatedly, over the course of a few years.

> 6. no background calibrations were attempted leaving an open question.

That is incorrect. Background calibrations were done with samples of air
and samples from flasks not subject to electrolysis. All samples were
evaluated by three different labs in blind tests (single blind).

> 7. the work was done in 1993 and never corroborated

Because the Navy fired Miles for publishing the results.

> This evidence was well intentioned, but very far from bullet proof.

I think it is more bulletproof than you realize.

- Jed

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