Adrian Ashfield <> wrote:

Jed,  I find your comment rather ironic considering your dismissal of
> everything that Rossi has done.

You imply that I must accept all new claims without question. That would be
as irrational as rejecting all of them out of hand.

You imply that I am not capable of evaluating claims. If I can read McKubre
and conclude that he is right, I can read the Penon report and conclude
that Rossi is wrong.

The suggestion that a person who uses ordinary judgment and evaluates claim
is somehow "ironic" is a new definition of irony.

Actually, I cannot imagine how a technically competent person could read
the Penon report and *not* conclude that Rossi was wrong. Axil Axil and
other Rossi supporters have finessed this problem by refusing to read the
report. Robert Park used the same technique to reject all cold fusion
results -- he refused to look at them. That's ironic!

- Jed

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