My rooftop inverters do not work unless there is a signal from the grid of the 
appropriate frequency and voltage.   That technical feature and expense was 
mine not the Utilities.  In fact its an undesirable situation, since I cannot 
use the power I might generate during an outage without getting a signal 
generator to fool my inverters into producing energy.  And install a separate 
ibreaker in my system to isolate the grid at no cost to the utility.

The utility makes a good deal of money off me,  since I produce most of my 
energy during the May thru September time frame when the wholesale electricity 
costs are greater because hydro power is less available.   I use very little 
electricity during that time.  The utility gets from me about 3000 kw hrs net 
input to their grid during that time frame.  That amounts to about $300 clear 
profit to the utility.  The utility loves that kind of margin.

You would make a good state utility commissioner in the eyes of the utility 

Bob Cook

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The utilities love that combination of lower cost and higher profit margins,  
with no competition.

The utilities do have a valid point regarding electricity from rooftop PV 
installations. It costs them money to accept this electricity and to integrate 
it safely into their grid. For example, the incoming power from a rooftop PV 
installation has to be metered, and during a power failure, the power a PV 
installation would be dangerous, so it has be cut off. This means the power 
company meter and other equipment has to be more complicated. The power company 
gets very little electricity from a rooftop installation, and I doubt they make 
a significant profit from it. It is probably not worth it to them.

This is not like asking Amazon to sell 10 copies a year of an e-book. Amazon 
can do that profitably because that business scales down and it is profitable 
even at a few dollars per year. It does not require Amazon to install something 
like a hardware meter at your house.

- Jed

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