Conversely, The muons may just be 1/f noise.

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Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2018 3:11 PM
Subject: RE: [Vo]:1/f squared gamma distribution from Rossi-like

BTW - Wouldn’t it be a hoot if muons showed up on a particular detector as 
1/f^2 noise  ??


Since you noticed the fit initially, were you looking for it based on phenomena 
from another field ?

I see from Alan’s posting that the context is no mystery – except to someone 
who was not paying attention to every detail of an excellent presentation <g>

However, I think Nigel is looking for deeper significance. Universal theories 
of pink noise are incomplete. According to Wiki,  the Tweedie hypothesis has 
been proposed to explain the genesis of pink noise on the basis of a 
mathematical convergence theorem related to statistical analysis in many 
systems, yet … this signal  is not pink noise per se. In general the spectrum 
of pink noise is 1/f  for what are said to be one-dimensional signals.

Perhaps two-dimensional signals have a weaker power spectrum which is the 
reciprocal of f^2 ? At any rate, pink noise would be an obvious place to start 
a search for statistical significance.

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