It's not hard to bracket with attenuating metal foils of different elements
and thicknesses the energy ballpark of the energetic emissions reaching the
Geiger. Having done this I promptly ordered a decent NaI Gamma Spectrometer
which I should have up and running within a week. The bracketed 'gamma' also
comes with an observable half-life that fits with likely reactions.


I have been known all my life for doing 'crowd science' and collaborating
with kindred scientists by packing my kit and conducting my experiments in
their labs. Few came to do the same in my lab, ces't la vie. The internet is
such a zoo filled with all manner of wild-life. The abundance of trolls and
would be trolls on the net is only surpassed by the number of posturing
wanna bees that all too often are revealed as bot flies. Amongst these are
of course some kindred souls and it is because of these, you are one, that I
keep butting my head up against the social, or more the anti-social, media. 


It is, in my experience, a constant characteristic of internet denizens that
anyone sharing something of interest is set upon by those who want to be
gifted everything that person might know without so much as a how do you do
my name is . introduction. 


In addition every field of science, especially frontier sciences, is
overshadowed by vultures seeking to consume whatever they can prey upon.
Some such vultures are professionals and state sponsored. It behoves one to
have some standards for engaging in exchanges of ideas. One of my business
partners Admiral Bud Zumwalt used to admonish me saying "Russ, just show
them a little thigh, you know they will want to see a whole lot more. Make
them do something for the rest of show."



Fusing as always


Russ George




From: <> 
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2018 4:09 PM
Subject: RE: [Vo]:fueled vs. unfueled LENR systems




How do you know you are getting a "gamma signal" using a Geiger counter?


Separately, you note:


"By the way I am willing to engage privately with truly interested
participants in this important field provided they introduce themselves and
have something of equivalent value to offer in exchange, that's the way
science and society has always worked."


I note that the close-knit exchange of technical ideas is the opposite of
open science and is not the way science and society "always worked".
Although  such a model of science and society  has evolved over the last 100
years to be an acceptable model for the current closed science community, it
is slowly losing favor to an open flow of technical ideas, with relative
value determined by individual mental processes, more or less  supportive of
societal values at large.  


As a progressive political advocate, I am optimistic that the free flow of
ideas is supportive of society at large. 


Bob Cook



From: Russ <> 
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To: <> 
Subject: RE: [Vo]:fueled vs. unfueled LENR systems


One has to wonder where anyone might have channelled the comment about my
experiment and its 'lovely gammas' being 'unfueled'. That is most certainly
not the case, there is a very specifically conceived and prepared 'fuel mix'
that is producing the raw gamma signal that has been shared. A number of
other fuel mix experiments have been run in parallel showing no such gamma
signal save one other.  I use a tiny amount of fuel, a volume equal to 5-10
grains of rice, but it is cold fusion 'fuel' that was chosen with guidance
of the atom-ecology of the environment it would be subjected to and create.
By the way I also prepare and load this fuel in air, a fact that might be a
big tip to those skilled in the art. As my planned progression of fuel mixes
go into the oven(s) over the next few weeks I expect/hope more about the
specific characteristics of the atom-ecology where cold fusion is prevalent
will be revealed.


I have spent some decades preparing and working with experiments that
produced what my friend Martin Fleischmann called 'high fugacity deuterium',
aka UHD systems. In my opinion no one truly 'skilled in the art' of cold
fusion would do otherwise.  'Search for the nuclear smoke' was the
admonishment at the beginning of cold fusion some 30 years ago, the best
advice from the best minds of the time was 'if you have nuclear fire you
must have nuclear smoke.' Fleischmann after some years fessed up to cold
fusion peers and noted that the hotter one runs cold fusion experiments the
better! Limited of course by what the hot environment does to the fuel
components. Heat is the enemy of high fugacity. 


In my work I began by utilizing mass spec services from the top laboratories
as well as building my own low mass helium spectrometers. This sort of hands
on experimentation is what it takes to make, find, and deliver cold fusion.
While cold fusion heat needs to be present and is the useful palpable
technology I  principally was interested in and observed 4He in vast amounts
100ppm or more, far above the 5.22 ppm of helium in air and almost never any
penetrating emissions. Many of those searches for penetrating emissions used
state of the art LN2 cooled large germanium spectrometers and a variety of
similar state of the art neutron - all failing to see the penetrating
emissions sought. 


These social media forums are sometimes useful and a few grains of good
ideas sometimes are found amongst the abundance of chaff. But the anonymous
internet makes it impossible to put a measure of trust in what is posted,
especially by those who lack the courage of their convictions, interest, and
intentions to make themselves known. That results in such blather as what
this reply is about that I have used an unfueled experiment. 


By the way I am willing to engage privately with truly interested
participants in this important field provided they introduce themselves and
have something of equivalent value to offer in exchange, that's the way
science and society has always worked. The work I do is on a single small
lab bench with very limited resources, progress might expand geometrically
with bench space and additional helping hands and minds. Those wanting to be
part and add to the venture are welcome, those only wanting to add to their
inner vulture are not. Adventure vs. Advulture, ever it has been so.   


Fusing as always


Russ George



From: Axil Axil < <> > 
Sent: Wednesday, May 9, 2018 9:05 PM
To: vortex-l < <> >
Subject: [Vo]:fueled vs. unfueled LENR systems


I would like to draw a fundamental distinction between two classes of LENR
systems: Fueled and unfueled systems. In the 2011 time-frame when Rossi saw
gamma, he was running an unfueled system,so was Piantelli and Celani. Russ
George is now experimenting with an unfueled system.

The development of LENR fuel came latter as an innovation by Rossi. I
speculate that Rossi found that when he reused ash from his reactors, they
were very LENR active. Rossi perfected LENR fuel and started to use it in
his tube reactors. The fuel was self contained and could be loaded in air.
With this fuel, the hydrogen nickel reaction did not seem to matter anymore.
Lugano is an example,

Also gamma commissions went away when using LENR Fuel.

I beleive that the active agent in LENR fuel is ultra dense hydrogen. Rossi,
me356, the ECCO reactor and the LION reactor all use LENR fuel. Gamma will
not come from these systems since ultra dense hydrogen is a superconductor.
UDH has a near perfect Q factor and forms a condensate immediately and

I have advised any LENR reactor builders who will lessen to produce LENR
fuel directly by acquiring a Holmlid UDH generator. Just load that UDH into
a tube reactor and you are good to go.



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