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➢ I partially concur, particularly the spin part and the suggested experiments. 
However there is a lot of evidence for He-4 and Pd electrodes from the get go.  
The CR-37 He-4 detection is pretty good in my mind.

The Pd105 + Li6 reaction Jones suggested, would probably produce alphas with
high kinetic energy, which would register on the CR-39.

Hi Robin 

Yes, the lithium  reaction fits the evidence from Biberian well on several 

One – There is less need to invent a reason for the lack of an extremely 
energetic gamma – which no one has seen. There is none expected.
Two – There is no need to explain away the lack of a proper branching ratio 
Three -  there are reports of lithium-6 depletion in the electrolyte of 
successful experiments (although I cannot find a handy citation for that)

All in all, if we accept the strong evidence from Biberian of Pd105 converting 
into Ag107 – it is logical to suggest that the helium comes from lithium 
fusion, not deuterium fusion… 

… but the best part is that the lithium reaction is falsifiable (by using 
depleted electrolyte from the start vs enriched).

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