OK to summarize:

The premise is that there is no 
D+D -> He 
reaction in cold fusion, since there is no strong gamma and we must minimize 
required “miracles”

Another distinct possibility for those who want to keep helium in the equation 

105Pd + 6Li -> 107Ag + 4He

The alpha particle shows up without the strong gamma – since the transmuted 
silver would carry away enough spin energy to eliminate the extreme photon, no 
miracle involved. 

The best thing about this possibility is that it is falsifiable - by using an 
electrolyte enriched in 6Li compared to no enrichment or depleted.

In fact Biberian could do this at any time using the same Pons cathode so long 
as he does not need to preserve it intact. Maybe it is owned by Toyota, who 

However, the other main possibility is falsifiable as well

105Pd + 2H -> 107Ag

By using a cathode enriched in the high spin palladium, this is falsifiable 

That isotope would be more difficult to obtain but since Biberian has found 
that the reaction only happens in the skin of the cathode to a micron or so - 
even a milligram of enriched Pd would suffice, if plated. Thus everything is 

Biberian has probably thought-out all of this falsifiability challenge - and 
may be doing it in his Lab - as we speak…perhaps with Pons looking over his 

Bob Cook may get to see it in person.

Incroyable ! Fantastique !


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