Terry Blanton <hohlr...@gmail.com> wrote:

> BTW, do you use Dragon Speak still?

Not that often. It is good for writing long, formal documents. Not so much
for short messages. It is not good for editing papers, which is mostly what
I do these days.

I expect there will soon be AI versions of voice input transcription. Maybe
online? I expect they will blow Dragon Speak out of the water. They will be
far better. I say that for two reasons:

ChatGPT translation from Japanese into English is far better than Google
translate (https://translate.google.com). The Bots have generated a lot of
accurate linguistic data. I expect it is nothing like human knowledge of
grammar, but it works.

I have recently discovered that AI based online OCR programs are far
superior to desktop OCR programs such as Adobe Acrobat. I used Adobe
Acrobat OCR to make old documents such as ICCF3 "searchable." You can
export the resulting text to Microsoft Word or a text file. Recently
ChatGPT recommended I try the Amazon AWS Textract online OCR program. I
tried it. I did a file-compare of the AWS output compared to the Adobe
Acrobat output. AWS has many fewer OCR errors. I think you could correct
many voice input errors by using the AI linguistics-based methods, and the
pattern recognition algorithms. I think the pattern recognition algorithms
can be applied to audio track data in a way that is similar to images of
printed letters.

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