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> on 24/8/08 2:49 pm, Jones Beene at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> Steve Jones, no matter what his incorrect opinions may
>> be on LENR- found ample chemical evidence from the WTC
>> site and analyzed it under laboratory conditions. He
>> found evidence of Themate !!
> how did he get his samples?

>From what I've read, a woman with an apartment near the WTC had her
windows blown out by the blast and ended up with a huge amount of dust
blown in, all over everything.  She bagged up a few ounces, and that
was, as I understand it, Jones's most important sample, and the one
which showed most clearly that there was an "iron aerosol" present:
there were large numbers of tiny iron spheres in the dust.  I don't know
if he had other dust samples, nor how large they might have been if he did.

Jones extrapolated from the sample size and the amount of iron in it,
using an estimate of how much dust blew out of the WTC, to conclude that
something like a ton of iron was blown into fine droplets by the collapse.

This looks like a smoking gun (an airplane crash followed by a kerosene
fire wouldn't produce a cloud of molten iron droplets of that
magnitude), and from this Jones concluded that something like a ton of
thermite was set off in the building that day.

Now there is a problem here, which is that large buildings are put
together via welding torches which, when they are used to weld beams,
spray fine droplets of iron into the air.  The result is that the dust
in the walls (which is sealed in when the buildings are built) contains
an enormous amount of "frozen iron aerosol" and if you blow up a modern
steel building -- by *any* means -- one result you'll get is huge
quantities of these tiny iron spheres which are left over from the
building's construction blowing all over the place.  And that could
easily be all that Jones found.  AFAIK he made *no* *effort* to rule out
that possibility.  (And he talks about other people failing to examine
alternate hypotheses!)

There was also some talk of sulfur in some samples, which could indicate
the presence of thermate (variant on thermite used to cut beams), but I
don't recall where the sulfur evidence came from.

> Harry

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