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Robin van Spaandonk wrote:

>>a few people involved. If you want NIST to lie about an engineering
>>analysis, you would have to enlist thousands of experts world-wide to go
>It isn't necessary for the scientists to lie. Just tell them to find "the
>scientific explanation" for the collapse of the building (as if it weren't
>already known), and they will happily trot off and create lots of lovely models
>to explain it. IOW they inadvertently work within the framework that they are

Robin, I hate to be harsh, but this is nonsense. This is like
suggesting you could poison someone and then convince a police
department medical examiner that he died from the hiccups.

The people at NIST are experts in every aspect of disasters and
building collapse. That includes deliberate destruction, which ranges
from conventional demolition
and demolition with explosives, to arson, damage in war and terrorist
attacks. They would INSTANTLY recognize the signature of deliberate,
planned destruction. For one thing, they destroy buildings and
structures themselves, frequently. They destroy them with every known
method. They are expert witnesses for law enforcement and the
military. They have been doing that for over a century. Even my dad,
who did not work in that department, knew a great deal about fire
damage and structural damage.

And not only NIST knows this. Any fire department has experts in these
things, and the NYFD has the best in the world.

The Japanese version of NIST sent teams of experts to pore over the
evidence. They went over the work and the report with a fine toothed
comb. Experts from dozens of other countries looked closely. As I
said, this was the most important case in history. If NIST had missed
anything, you can be sure these others would have seen it.

Again let me emphasize that it is ridiculous to think that you can
learn something from an Italian video advertisement that NIST, the
NYFD and thousands of other experts overlooked. This is exactly like
Arata's claim that Fleischmann overlooked the "cigarette lighter
effect" which caused heat after death, and Arata confirmed
this by observing Fleischmann "shifty expression" and the fact that he
"fled from" Arata. Arata concluded the Flieschmann obviously realized
he made a mistake when Arata pointed it out, and he has been covering
up ever since, because he is an incompetent fool and a born liar. This
is exactly like the notion that experts in NIST did not bother to
listen to audio recordings of the collapse -- because they forgot,
y'think? Or because they are incapable of analyzing such recordings,
and any amateur could do a better job? Fleischmann knows far more
about degassing than Arata does, and the people at NIST know way more
about how a building collapse sounds than you do. When I say "way
more" I mean they have written textbooks on the subject, and they
probably have extensive sound libraries from thousands of different

By the way, I acquainted Arata with the facts from Fleischmann's
papers, especially his response to Morrison. It made no impression on
Arata. He is certain that he is right, and he pays no attention to
physics, facts or numbers that prove he is wrong. Steve Jones and the
other self-appointed experts (S.E.P.) in the 9/11 collapse are the
same way. You can assemble a panel of the world's most qualified
people, and they can write thousands of pages of peer-reviewed
engineering physics to prove their point, but it is water off a duck's
back. They will not understand it or pay any attention any more than
the anti-cold fusion experts pay attention to 10,000 eV atom of heat
or tritium at 10E14 above background. Facts mean nothing to S.E.P.
Steve Jones is perhaps the only S.E.P. in both cold fusion denial and
9/11 denial, but as I said, the mindset is the same. Ignore experts,
ignore facts, invent outlandish physics, preposterous history and
impossible motivations. Stir in paranoia, distrust and ignorance and
bake well for a few years. Bon appetit!

- Jed

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