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> Now there is a problem here, which is that large
buildings are put together via welding torches which,
when they are used to weld beams

That is apparently FALSE for that building. 

Where did you get this exactly? Please give us some
cites. I hope it was not from NIST, or maybe they are
more ignorant than ever imagined. 

This was a 40+ year old design building which was
erected using precut, predrilled, prefab beams which
were riveted onsite. There were few welds. The welds
that were there were largely gas arc welds using alloy
which was different from the beam alloy. See "How
Columns Will Be Designed for 110-Story Buildings,"
Engineering News-Record, April 2, 1964: 48-49.

> spray fine droplets of iron into the air. 

That would only happen if beams were flame cut onsite
and not prefab. And even if there were lots more welds
than suspected, the welding rod alloy used would not
be the same as the unique beam alloy, which was

> AFAIK he made *no* *effort* to rule out
> that possibility.  (And he talks about other people
> failing to examine alternate hypotheses!)

You simply haven't kept up with this very well, or
have been reading earlier material. Or -- if you do
have real citations, please offer them.

Steven Jones did seem to go off on tangents early on
(he should have avoided building 1 & 2 altogether),
but now that he has the support of over 400 top level
architects and engineers, some even employed by NIST
who were removed from this report because of their
affiliation with him, many of the lose ends are being
tied up. 

In fact the iron microspheres are less important than
the other thermate-specific chemicals found. 

This site has many of the technical articles:



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