Harry Veeder noted the PesWiki report:


This is a good summary. Lots of details in one place, such as the fact that Rossi says they plan to ship the first units in three months, and they are manufacturing "a 1 megawatt plant composed of 125 modules."

I have been hearing rumors to this effect for months. I discounted them because I had no proof the device even exists. I cannot believe something like that just because trustworthy & informed sources tell me it is true. I need to see experimental proof. Now, I have seen it.

Needless to say his credibility is much higher now that several professors have signed off on his work. It is a great relief to me. I did not suspect him of fraud but to be frank I worried that he might be crazy. After all, many people have often made bold claims that turned out to be wrong. People have made honest mistake even on the 1 kW heat reaction scale. Wishful thinking or ignorance of basic physics are usually the cause.

Of course there are risks and Rossi may yet fail. I think there is no chance this is fraud, but he might trip up over technical issues. It might be more difficult to replicate that he realizes. Maybe he will run out of active material and find out he cannot make more. Or the gadget might blow up, and blow him to kingdom come.

- Jed

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