Thanks for the info! Can you share some more information? If so:
- Do you know, if "works for a short time" means that it actually delivers more energy than has been put in? How long is "short"? ;) - Is the customer waiting for a new and improved version or has he canceled all the contracts?


No, I am not an employee of the customer, but it is a rather large group...

... ever heard of any large group keeping a secret secure, once too many
tongue-waggers know about it? People talk.

If J. Edgar could not suppress the incredible secret (that he was a gay
cross-dresser) during the 40s, back when 'gay' - meant something else - AND
- the USA was better about keeping secrets than today, AND the FBI pretty
much could do what it wanted to, does anyone really think that Rossi can
keep this kind of thing quiet for long?

BTW - new movie out about Hoover.

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From: Wolf Fischer

Where did you get the information that the customer sent the 1MW plant
back? Are you an employee of the customer? (as you mention the word "we")


Why read something else into this? LOL. You must be joking.

Because Rossi spoke it, for one thing - and because it is misleading for
another, just short of complete dishonesty.

You should know this, AG - if you talk to Rossi as much as you claim; and
he is being straight with you.

Rossi did deliver, yes, but "the customer" has sent it back.

Rossi's spin: "we will add controls". Only Rossi has NOT even admitted
it has been returned. That would sound too much like failure.

Customers complaint: *did not work over extended periods*, so of no value
for intended use, despite the fact that it does work for short periods.
we sent it back to Bologna.

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From: Aussie Guy E-Cat

Rossi has delivered a 1 MW E-Cat, has said they are building the other
13 x 1 MW E-Cats and he has ample cash. What he said here was they are
not yet finished with the optimization of the NI system. Why read
something else into his statement?


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