The following is strong on opinion and weak on fact, for the obvious reason.
Whenever you see the word "apparently" below, the factuality of the report
cannot be verified. Several insiders know about this, and I am not an

You may remember that Defkalion backed out of the original deal with Rossi.
However, the contract milestone called for a 48 hour run and apparently
Rossi could not even provide 12 hours continuous. Ergo, they feel completely
justified to blame AR for the split-up. 

IOW, Rossi reneged on the original contract and not DGT. That part is what
DGT publicly stated, but regardless - the problem of 'quiescence' could not
be overcome then, and it highlights the ongoing situation which is relevant
to the future of BBB, the big blue box. 

Apparently, this problem of self-extinguishing operation (aka 'quiescence')
has not been solved. I have some technical information to share on that
subject, for a later post.

Rossi claims that this has been solved ("in principle" with better controls)
but... is that more "Rossi-speak"? Apparently the customer is willing to buy
several more if the problem of quiescence can be solved, but has written-off
the cost of this one, if it cannot be fixed. There will be no refund, but
there is no animosity. 

The BBB apparently had to be sent back to Bologna, instead of fixed in situ
since as you know, Rossi installed some kind of anti-tamper device to keep
it from being analyzed.

On the positive side, the device does produce massive excess heat for
periods up to a day, maybe more. There is a bona fide and massive thermal
anomaly, but this unit should not have gone out the door until it was
further along in development. 

Personally, I think it could take several years to engineer a commercial
product, and that DGT could easily get there ahead of Rossi, since they are
better staffed and funded (apparently due to saving the ~100,000,000 Euros
that they were able to legally keep when AR could not perform up to the
terms of the contract). 

As for the identity of the customer, it is kind of a "don't ask, don't tell"
since taxpayer money is apparently involved and even AR's detractors
(insiders) believe the technology is valid and do not want outside

Yet this will probably come out soon. Rossi has mentioned the "N-word"
before. Another clue is that the report - which others on vortex know about,
apparently comes out of Brussels. A hint: there could be some kind of
"Payola" involved. Use the Italian spelling. <g>

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Thanks for the info! Can you share some more information? If so:
- Do you know, if "works for a short time" means that it actually 
delivers more energy than has been put in? How long is "short"? ;)
- Is the customer waiting for a new and improved version or has he 
canceled all the contracts?

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