From: Jed Rothwell 


Of course, the focus is on Pd-D back in the day when SRI was active in
actual R&D instead of posturing; yet they essentially ignored Ni-H ...


They did not ignore Ni-H. Srinivasan was there for months trying to
replicate, and they worked with Patterson. They are not posturing now. That
is snide and false.


No it isn't. I repeat SRI did not work with Ni-H gas phase. Ni-H2O is NOT
the same as Ni-H and the dynamics are very different.


Srinivasan worked with water electrolysis only, AFAIK. 


That is my understanding, if you know he did work with Ni-H gas phase then
please give the citation. Otherwise. It would help every if you would get
your facts straight.


Too bad SRI did not use nano, back in the day when it would have made a big
difference in perception by the mainstream.


SRI worked closely with Arata on nanoparticle Pd, and replicated him. 


Again - that was NOT back in the day when glowing success from a
well-respected lab would have made a huge difference in perceptions. 


Please get you facts straight before these kinds of erroneous remarks.





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