With a reactor temp around 600 deg C and the coolant at 120 deg C there is a wide operational margin. As the coolant temp get to 450 deg C it is only 150 deg C below the reactor temp. A lot less fat to play with. I would speculate there is a much higher chance of a runaway and Ni powder meltdown at 450 deg C.

Can't wait to get my hands on a unit and study the dynamics of the energy release / control system even if the home E-Cat systems can't generate steam with a high enough temperature to generate electricity. Never did like the Carnot cycle. Physics is so.....limiting. I do wonder what would happen if I put 2 or more of the home units in series?


On 1/15/2012 9:42 PM, Wolf Fischer wrote:
Just another point from the interview:

Rossi has admitted that last year they had peaks even when the reactor should just produce about 120C°. This problem seems to have been resolved (because of NI), so no more peaks. Besides that NI is especially helping in the problem of getting the reactor up to 400C° in order to produce electricity. Somehow the customer of the first 1MW plant is helping in solving those problems, as it is not as trivial as just putting the Ecats in serial in order to reach higher temperatures.

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