It is doubtful that there can be a useful USPTO survey on this topic, since
no competent attorney these days would use the phrase "cold fusion" in a
disclosure. A case in point is Ahern's application. The title is:
"Amplification of Energetic Reactions in Metal Nanoparticles".


It does not mention cold fusion, and more importantly, Ahern does NOT
believe that nuclear fusion is involved in LENR anyway, but essentially the
application has been held up for the reason that the examiner  believes it
applies to cold fusion. In fact the examiner himself cited the Ben Breed
application, which is also in litigation.


"Low temperature fusion" US 20090122940 A1


I think Ahern's application will go through eventually, and possibly Breed
as well - and that the examiner could be reprimanded for overreaching- but
that is because the filing was carefully crafted NOT to mention the P&F or
cold fusion, and because Ahern believes that the energy comes from a
non-nuclear source. However, this kind of challenge by an examiner is costly
to pursue.


BTW R. Ben Breed was formerly with Raytheon and Hughes (as best I can tell)
so he is no lightweight . and he may have an IP ace in the hole.


From: Kevin O'Malley 




I'm starting to run into folks who think it's crazy to assert that the USPTO
won't issue cold fusion patents.  Is there a good LENR patent office survey
paper you would recommend?  


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Kevin O'Malley <> wrote:

***That reminds me.  One thing I keep running into is how many articles and
replications have been published in peer-reviewed journals?  And skeptics do
not consider the Journal of Nuclear Physics to be a "real" peer reviewed
journal.  Does have these subcategorized somehow?


No, but Britz does. See:


- Jed






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