Kevin O'Malley <> wrote:

> It is not good because the laws of thermodynamics are probably right and
>> therefore this experimental result is probably wrong.
> ***Sounds a lot like the entire field of LENR.

Cold fusion does not challenge the laws of thermodynamics; it challenges
some of the laws of plasma fusion. However, the effect is the same. That is
what makes it difficult to persuade people to replicate, and difficult to
persuade them it is real.

> Until it is widely replicated most people will assume it is wrong.
> ***Let me see -- LENR, 14,700 replications.

If you replicate an effect that challenges the laws of thermodynamics
enough times, those laws are wrong.

>   Most people still assume it's wrong.

Those people are irrational. You should discount their views.

- Jed

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