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> Cold fusion does not challenge the laws of thermodynamics;
***Yup.  A lot of people have the IMPRESsion that it challenges the 2nd
law, but that isn't the case at all.  In fact here, this accusation that
BECs absorb energy and violate the 2nd law of Thermodynamics, is a
misguided impression as well.

> it challenges some of the laws of plasma fusion. However, the effect is
> the same. That is what makes it difficult to persuade people to replicate,
> and difficult to persuade them it is real.
***Difficult but not impossible.  That is, unless one gets their paycheck
from the 'hot fusion establishment'.  It is orders of magnitude more
difficult to convince someone who is paid not to be convinced.

> If you replicate an effect that challenges the laws of thermodynamics
> enough times, those laws are wrong.
***True of any scientific law.  Most people don't realize that a scientific
law is simply a mathematically rigorous observation.  We have a law of
gravity but no accepted theory of gravity.  How many replications does it
take for a rational scientist to accept the finding?  It used to be just 2
or 3, but in this field it seems to be hundreds or thousands.

>> Kevin:   Most people still assume it's wrong.
> Jed: Those people are irrational. You should discount their views.
***Unfortunately, that includes the great majority of people.   I would
guess that 95% of the population (who had an opinion) thought the Wright
brothers were frauds until they finally had some money on the table & IP
protection and demo'd their device to the army.  Even then, Glenn Curtiss
and others tried to steal their IP, with the willing complicity of the
Smithsonian Institution.   I would guess that at this point (Rossi being
who he is) that 98% of the population think he's a fraud.  Perhaps 90% of
people who have an opinion on LENR think it's a pathological science, on
the same level as flat earthers, unicorn admirers, and perpetual motion


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