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>    The first tier of people to replicate were the crème de la crème of
> electrochemistry. I mean people who now have laboratories named after them
> such as Ernest Yeager, and people who should have laboratories named after
> them such as John Bockris. Also Miles, Mizuno, McKubre, Kunimatsu, Appleby,
> Will, Okamoto, Huggins and so on.
> The first ~100 replications came in from a veritable Who's Who of
> electrochemistry. Just about every top electrochemist in the world
> replicated within a year or so. They were all certain the results were
> real. Anyone who does not believe that kind of thing, from this kind of
> people, does not understand experimental science.


>  However, such opinions are not based on knowledge or rationality so we
> cannot change them. There is no point to worrying about them. We should
> concentrate on people such as the readers at LENR-CANR.org. We should
> ignore people who will not do their homework.
***That reminds me.  One thing I keep running into is how many articles and
replications have been published in peer-reviewed journals?  And skeptics
do not consider the Journal of Nuclear Physics to be a "real" peer reviewed
journal.  Does LENR-CANR.org have these subcategorized somehow?

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