And so says Reed Hedges on 07/09/05 10:08...
> Lalo Martins wrote:
>>-        nickentry->SetValue(avatar->getNick().c_str());
>>+        nickentry->SetValue(wxString(avatar->getNick().c_str(), 
> Why use wxConvCurrent instead of wxConvUTF8?  I got the impression from
> the wx docs that wxConvCurrent depends on the (GUI) platform, so on a
> unicode platform you'd be telling it your strings from VOS were unicode,
> when they aren't.  I only read the wx docs with a normal depth, no
> backwards bending, maybe I am wrong :)

I copied this verbatim from some examples in the documentation, so I may
be wrong, but from what I understand:

wxConvCurrent may be the appropriate conversion to turn a (char) string
into unicode (wxConvUTF8), if your build is unicode-enabled; or it will
be a dummy conversion otherwise.  So this expression returns unicode
when it needs unicode, and single-byte when it needs single-byte.

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