And so says Peter Amstutz on 06/09/05 11:41...
> A related, larger issue is internationalization of VOS in general.  I'm
> not sure where to go with that, although Reed mentions one issue which
> is including the text encoding in places like property datatypes and
> talk messages.

In my professional experience, that's the root of too much evil :-)

I'd just pick one and stick with it.  (UTF-8, or UCS-32, or the other
UTF thing out there).

(On the Python wrappers, that would mean always returning unicode
objects.  Which is the way to go for python 3.0 anyway.)

> We would also want to use gettext to support
> translations for the UI of user apps like Ter'Angreal.

Translating of client-server stuff (which will probably be in
properties) is another, rather interesting topic :-)

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