Hugh Perkins wrote:
> utf-8 sounds good

I'd say that we just use only utf-8, basically, and have conversions
from whatever wchar_t*/wstring are (are they 16 bit or 32 bit
characters? depends on the platform?) built into the property and
talkative apis (the conversion functions would be in vutil of course).

> on the other hand since pure ascii maps exactle to
> utf-8 thats probably not an issue?

The issue is if an application is expecting just ascii from, say,
property data and gets some utf8 high characters, they are discarded or
displayed as ascii "garbarge" characters.

Getting "ascii" when you are expecting utf-8 is of course no problem,
you will get valid utf-8 :)

> btw, i broke my wrist rollerblading and i'm typing wiyh one hand which is 
> why there are som any typos... the moral is: don't trust cheap chinese 
> wrist-guards :-/

Sounds bad! Good luck to heal quickly!


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