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On Wed, 26 Oct 2005, Reed Hedges wrote:

I like this one too I think. In one part of the example you forgot to write "is", I wonder if that could be optional... ? :)

What part? I don't see where I dropped the "is". The "is" will probably be required.

Ok, the vibe I'm getting here seems to be that people really want both. An XML format seems to be a good idea for practical/political reasons, but the 2nd format we're discussing here certainly has its advantages.

So what the hell, we can support both. They are structurally identical (since they represent the same thing) so I may even be able to reuse some of the code from the XML loader.

Try writing something in this syntax that could be a Terangreal config file and
see if it would make some sense to users who are not vos experts...

config (
   avatar is misc:avatar, a3dl:object3d (
       misc:nick = "reed"
       misc:realname = "Reed Hedges"
       a3dl:model = /home/reed/models/treefrog.md2
       a3dl:material is a3dl:material (
           a3dl:image = /home/reed/models/treefrog.png
   viewmode = "thirdperson"

You cut and pasted this twice in your message, leading to some confusion :-)

I notice here you are using parenthesis instead of curly braces. Any particular reason? In the format I had in mind, parenthesis would be used to note the datatype of a property, and curly braces would hold vobject descriptions.

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