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On Thu, 27 Oct 2005, Benjamin Mesing wrote:


Try writing something in this syntax that could be a Terangreal config file and
see if it would make some sense to users who are not vos experts...
Ok, I think here my opinion is needed :-)

Your opinion is very much appreciated!

config (
    avatar is misc:avatar, a3dl:object3d (
What does this mean? Is an avatar defined as being a combination of a
misc:avatar and an a3dl:object3d?

Yes. This kind of "multiple inheritance" or "multiple interfaces" is very common in VOS.

        misc:nick = "reed"
        misc:realname = "Reed Hedges"
        a3dl:model = /home/reed/models/treefrog.md2
        a3dl:material is a3dl:material (
            a3dl:image = /home/reed/models/treefrog.png
Obvious. Though I am not sure about the qualification. E.g. misc.nick -
does this refer to misc:avatar.nick? -- See I don't know anything about
the VOS internals...

I'm glad that you find it pretty obvious, that's actually very encouraging.

The prefixes "misc:" and "a3dl:" are namespace qualifiers. For all vobject types in the "misc:" namespace, the property "misc:nick" should mean the same thing (the nickname of the avatar, in this case). Same thing for the "a3dl:" namespace. For example, "a3dl:position" means the same thing regardless of whether it is attached to a light, a camera, a 3d object, etc. However, a property named "misc:position" could mean something totally different, because it is in the "misc:" namespace.

In fact these are actually conventions that arn't (currently) enforced by the code, but by following them we should be able to avoid a lot of confusion and conflict over common property names.

    viewmode = "thirdperson"
I think I understand this one.

Btw. was there a reason for putting the config twice?

I think that was a cut and paste error :-) That actually wouldn't be legal, because you can't have two vobjects with the same name at the root (site) level.

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