And so says Peter Amstutz on 10/28/05 04:45...
> Finally, I'd like to start thinking about a proof-of-concept interactive
> 3D application to develop with VOS.  I have a vague idea of maybe doing
> a very simple first person shooter.  Just deathmatch, no bots (unless
> Kao or dmiles want to write one :-), only a few weapons, arenas are just
> arbitrary VOS worlds.  The goal being to test a) the network
> architechture, b) the extensibility of ter'angreal and c) the
> feasability and ease of implementing the all rules on the server in Python.

What about a first-person deathmatch, leaving the "shooter" out of it?
Start with, dunno, swords... we should have enough code to implement
that already... then projectiles can come later.

If you want to do the rules in Python, you're in my ballpark, in the
area where I can actually be useful.  Sign me in.

Also, I can easily provide arenas - and also a few worlds to chat in -
if your "parser framework" can do the trick I've been trying to do in
the last 2 months ;-)

Count me out of making models, though.  I've tried once and I suck.
Textures I can do.

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