On Thu, Oct 27, 2005 at 04:45:28PM -0400, Peter Amstutz wrote:
> Not sure what you mean by "things that arn't files" but you did just get 

A database for example, or querying into some other application to get its 
So you associate e.g. foo://server:1234 with a "parser" that really loads all
the data available by protocol "foo".  ... Just saying that you can have other
kinds of data sources than just files.

> Goal: Make Ter'Angreal the software that enables the 3D web
> Current challenges:
>    can't make 3d worlds by hand & 3d data import sucks -> no content
>    interactive apps need to be written in c++ -> no interactivity
>    building VOS is a pain in the ass -> scares away developers
> solutions:
>   no content:
>    -> text format(s) make it easier to write by hand
>    -> xml format(s) make it easier to write exporters from other programs
>    -> converter architechture makes it easy to plug in data import and
>       have it work seamlessly (every VOS app immediately gains ability to
>       read that document format)

When Peter adds this, would anyone be interested in using it to write something
to load, like, Quake2 or Doom levels? There's a near endless supply of them on
the net.

>    -> maybe finish the vrml geometry importer (reed? :-)

I just made it compile again with openvrml cvs.  I can seperate out the code
that does the initial traversal of the vrml to create vobjects. Still need to 
sort out some issues with transforming the scenegraph into a flat vobject list 
(or make a vobject scenegraph work in csvosa3dl) and maybe add support for a 
few more node types...

>   interactivity:
>    -> python bindings are underway (they kind of work?)

They need more testing, and swig generates a zillion warnings that we need to
resolve or decide can be safely ignored.  And not everything is supported yet,
but most of the Vobject API and Property are there.  Should add A3DL to achieve
your Goal.


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