Hi all,

I've been going through the gamut of trying to get everything in 0.23 to
compile (Once I master that, I'll move on to the 0.24 dev version). I'm
using the MINGW/MSYS environment under windows2000 and got the base VOS
libraries and example programs compiling fine. The only hack I needed to do
was due to me using windows2000 instead of XP, and is described in my post
here http://interreality.org/pipermail/vos-d/2006-November/002041.html

Now I've compiled crystal space and ter'angreal... I got all the building to
work (I needed to remove cygwin from my execution path, because cygwin's
pkg-config was confusing the configure process) but when I try to run
ter'angreal it gives me the error

  could not load plugin 'crystalspace.network.vos.a3dl'
crystalspace.application.terangreal:  No iVosA3DL plugin!

This implies to me that when I configured crystal space, it didn't correctly
find the a3dl libraries. Going back through config.log, it looks like indeed
the checks for a3dl failed. They failed, apparently, because the a3dl
headers did not compile because it could not find the *boost* headers...

Under msys, my filesystem looks like this:

/usr/local -- all the headers from vos and crystal space got installed here
/usr/local/vos-win32-mingw-libs-0.23.0 -- boost and wxwidgets are under here

I configured crystal space with the following command line:

./configure --with-metaobject_a3dl=/usr/local

I guess my question is -- what's the preferred method of getting a3dl to
correctly find boost? Should I just merge my vos-win32-mingw-libs-0.23.0
directory down into my normal /usr/local? Or is there some command line
option I should use when configuring?

If it matters, I'm using the pre-packaged CS version from
CS-2006-04-15.tar.gz, and I'm using crystal space's library package
CrystalSpaceLibs0.99r0_022 to cover all the other crystal space libs.



(ps, I've never really used a gnu-style build environment before, so it's
pretty fun learning all this stuff.  I could just go ahead and make the
project under visual studio, but I wanted at least two build methods working
(MS-style and GNU-style) so if I ever get around to writing patches I could
test them and make sure they build both ways.)

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