Recommendations needed for cool new technologies!

Hi all- 

I'm looking for ideas for 'what's new in technology' 
meant to introduce cool or free new stuff that may have 
some bearing. Please send anything interesting that 
you've come across to me. It doesn't have to be VOS-
related necessarily - anything new and interesting 
on the web or pertaining to digital media could fit.

Just to give you an idea of some stuff covered last 
time, the main items were: 

"Turn your computer into a TV."

Send FREE messages to any Mobile Phone** No charge 
for sending. Receiver may incur charges depending on 
their carrier and plan.


Scribd is trying to be the youtube for documents 
where anyone can upload PDFs, Word docs, etc. They 
have created an alternative to the PDF format called 
iPaper which loads faster than a PDF and has some 
security features that PDF doesn't (e.g. you can't 
download the documents).

This is Flash demo that shows a page-turning effect 
when you click the pages:

Here's another example of a page-turning effect:

pretty cool sounding project to build a highly 
scalable document storage system:

Cheap multi-touchscreen and digital whiteboard 
(and 3d viewer):

1) The Sophie Project is an open-source multi-media 
alternative to PDF for books.

Here's a short paper describing why an alternative 
to HTML and PDF is needed for electronic books:

Here are a few Quicktime videos of what an early 
version of Sophie looks like:

And here's the main site:

Ted Nelson, the inventor of the term "hypertext", 
gave a presentation about "transclusion" or how 
to include one document within another:

Here are some visualization resources that the 
publishers might be interested in:

* There are sites where you can upload a data set and 
various visualization are generated and displayed:

Here's a short article about it:

There's a free program called "Processing" which 
you can use to create visualizations.  Here's a 
gallery of images:

Here's a nice chart showing different visualizations 
(roll your mouse over the squares).

- Jason

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