> We're long overdue for a new release based on the 0.24 branch, but
> before that happens we should decide what new features (if any) are
> going to go in -- in particular anything that would make a good demo for
> when I show VOS to potential donors/investors.

Not just donors/investors, but I'd say you'll also want to attract new
users, contributers, collaborators, and content-developers. It's still
fundamentally an open-source project and can only benefit from more eyes :)

A lot of activity happened recently getting a requirements document together
for "Interreality 3D" -- and I'm assuming this is driving the design of "s5"
that you're working on. But I don't think this should mean that s4 dies or
goes into stasis. I think it would be interesting to flesh out a
roadmap/requirements kind of plan for the rest of s4's lifespan, until s5 is
in a state where it can replace it. I guess what I'm saying is... is
http://interreality.org/cgi-bin/moinwiki/moin.cgi/VosRoadMap still accurate
as to your plans, or does it need to be modified with the new s5 plan?

As for what should go in it, here are my thoughts:

S4 can act as the beacon of "hey, this is what we're doing, and this is what
it's capable of" for the purpose of attracting the people listed above, and
at the same time be a kind of test bed for ideas in order to refine the s5
design. Obviously, s4 will have some limitations due to its design, and some
things will have to be "thrown out" in the switch-over to s5, but there are
still a lot of areas that can be worked on:
- fleshing out a3dl
- improving content-development tools/documentation
- improving client gui and capabilities
- writing server plugins that do "neat" things for demo purposes

And some things that can be worked on at the same time, but which aren't
strictly s4 related:
- better default demo worlds / included avatars / animations / sample
- get a bugzilla server up and running again
- fix the vos/irc bridge in the default world (I've never seen it working...
but maybe it's just me)
- going through the wiki and updating it to match the current state of VOS
and the new plan
- updating the manual to talk about VIP instead of VOP

If I had to suggest a priority, I'd say #1 content-development (tools,
documentation, and a3dl capabilities). And at #2, a capabilities-demo
(client and server features to support it, and the content itself). -- I
think finding sponsors/investors is important, but what's really going to
help VOS thrive is community-building. Having an active community around the
technology might impress the sponsors as much or even more than a nifty demo
showing server-scripting and portals...  Of course you guys have been doing
this longer, so I defer to you :)

caveat: I haven't actually looked at 0.24 yet. I hope to get to that this


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