So as I was discussing with Peter last night on the irc/vos bridge, I got
everything to compile right for wxterangreal except for a missing wxgl.dll.
It turns out that this is a CrystalSpace plugin, and the CS configure needs
to see wxwidgets in order to create it.

Fair enough -- I added a CONFIG_WX to the configure command line (basically
using the line from ) and it seemed
to work -- according to config.log, CS configure recognizes wxwidgets now.

But it didn't *really* work -- configure determined that wxwidgets didn't
support openGL, and still didn't build wxgl.dll!

Some troubleshooting in the CS configure scripts (I'm using the CS snapshot
in CS-2006-04-15.tar.gz) and I noticed that the check for whether wx
supports gl uses the $cs_cv_libglu_cflags,lflags, and libs. But I was pretty
sure GLU wasn't what we wanted -- just straight openGL. And GLU isn't
checked for in the configure script at all, so those variables are
uninitialized! Well, long story short, I added the $cs_cv_libgl_cflags, etc
to the configure file, ran, and re-configured. Poof! wx support
with gl enabled!

After running make install, I verified that wxgl.dll was built. Yup! I tried
running my wxterangreal using it and yay! it works --- kinda? Hmm... I can't
move my avatar around. That's strange.

Rebuilt everything. Still can't move the avatar. On a whim, I try running it
using the wxgl.dll included with the binary installer -- and my avatar
moves! I go back to the wxgl.dll I built... I can't move!

Very strange. So I guess that leaves me with 3 mysteries:
1) Why couldn't the CS snapshot correctly test for wx-with-gl, and why has
it apparently worked for others in the past?
2) Why did the wxgl.dll built with that CS snapshot (and the wxwidgets
snapshot from vos-win32-mingw-libs-0.23.0.tar.gz) have trouble with keyboard
input, but the wxgl.dll included with the binary installer works fine?
3) Why am I still messing around with the 0.23 source instead of just moving
on to 0.24 and forgetting about ancestral build problems? ;)

If others want to ponder these mysteries, go ahead. As for me, I think my
voyages with building 0.23 from scratch should end here; it's time to move
on to better and more "bazaar" things ;)


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