Am 29.11.2007 um 02:34 schrieb Peter Amstutz:

> I was thinking of renaming "MetaObject" to "Component".  Same concept,
> just a name that reflects a more standard usage.
Really? The term "Component" is a horribly diffuse one that can  
basically mean almost anything. The most clear use I known of is as a  
software deployment unit (according to Szyperski), and a VOS  
MetaObject is hardly that, is it?

> Also "metaobject" is
> an existing term of art in the programming language community  
> having to
> do with defining and manipulating the semantics of how programming
> language objects are invoked, and while this is something that will
> exist in VOS, the current "MetaObject" class isn't it.
Ok, I heared that term before, but am not quite sure what it means an  
certainly don't use it in day-to-day programming (maybe I'm just old- 

I understand your desire to avoid a clash of terms, but I don't think  
"Component" is a good replacement; in fact it may make things worse!   
If you absolutely have to rename it, I'd rather see one of the other  
fuzzy terms like Facet, Aspect, ...

Karsten Otto (kao) 

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