"Part" is even more generic/vague than component, I think.  "Subparts" 
might be slightly better.  Another way to look at it, which would be 

vobject->getTypes(); // very bad, the term "type" is already overloaded

"Fragment" was another term I was mulling over, although that implies to 
me something that is broken or incomplete.

I still prefer "component", since to me implies a nice, well defined 
piece that is designed to plug into a bigger system.

I should also point out that if we were to interface COM with VOS, it 
would most likely be in the form of mapping VOS (MetaObject) APIs to COM 
APIs...  The similarities are more than superficial (which makes sense, 
since some of the goals of VOS overlap with the goals of COM/DCOM).

On Thu, Nov 29, 2007 at 10:37:37AM -0500, Reed Hedges wrote:
> Component is generic, and also recalls COM etc.
> How about:
> Part
> Facet
> Role
> Type
> Fragment
> Trait
> What exactly *is* a metaobject?  It's a constituent Vobject that's part of a
> real Vobject, and which implements a facet or part of that Vobject, probably
> corresponding to a type.  It implements part of the Vobject's interface. It
> provides an interface to the programmer (e.g. in C++ or whatever) for that 
> facet or part or type.  It handles a set or group of messages within that 
> Vobject. 
> I kind of like Part. Could even be inside Vobject's namespace I guess
> (Vobject::Part).  I don't know how much this might have changed in s5 but
> generally a programmer only needs to know about MetaObjects when he is
> implementing one, if you're just "using" VOS you deal either with objects as
> generic Vobjects or with their type interface classes (e.g. Property, 
> Object3D,
> etc.)
> Reed
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