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> On 13 Oct. 2016, at 10:55 am, Ronda Brown <> wrote:
> Hi Tony,
> Yes, your wife's IT Specialist is correct in warning about survey scams.
> Beware of scam phone surveys which lead to other scam calls:
> How the scam works
> You receive a call out of the blue from a scammer who pretends to be 
> conducting a legitimate telephone survey.
> The scammer may claim to be from a genuine research or survey company or 
> calling on behalf of a bank/financial institution.
> Scammers often only ask a small number of questions, usually two or three.
> Questions may focus on the bank or financial institution you use, whether you 
> are happy with their service, and if you would consider changing banks.
> You may also be asked which branch you opened your account at. Once the 
> scammer knows your branch they can use it to find the BSB number which will 
> often make up the starting digits of your bank account number.
> Within a few weeks you may get a second scam call.
> The second scam caller may try to convince you that they are legitimate by 
> using the personal details you gave them during the telephone survey. They 
> may seem convincing because they know which bank you are with, which branch 
> you bank at, and the starting digits of your bank account number.
> Scammers may quote the starting digits of your bank account number and then 
> ask you to provide the remaining numbers.
> The call may be an overcharged bank fee reclaim scam or any other scam which 
> tries to steal your money and your personal and financial details.
> Protect yourself
> Whilst telephone surveys are often conducted as part of legitimate research 
> exercises, it is important to remember that scammers sometimes pose as 
> surveyors in order to win your trust.
> Remember that you can still receive scam calls even if you have a private 
> number or have listed your number on the Australian Government’s Do Not Call 
> Register(link is external). Scammers can obtain your number fraudulently or 
> from anywhere it has bee publicly listed such as in a phone book.
> If you are asked to participate in a telephone survey and are interested in 
> participating, you don’t have to answer their questions straight away. If you 
> are in any doubt at all, ask the caller which organisation they are from and 
> arrange a time for them to call you back.
> In the meantime call the organisation’s official contact number to ask if the 
> survey is legitimate. If they answer no, or if you can’t find any mention of 
> the organisation or their contact details, it is most likely a scam.
> Never use the contact details provided by the person who called you - try to 
> find official contact details through a phonebook or an online search.
> Don’t give your personal, credit card or account details over the phone 
> unless you made the call and the phone number came from a trusted source.
> If you think you have provided your account details to a scammer, contact 
> your bank or financial institution immediately.
> Cheers,
> Ronni
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>> On 13 Oct. 2016, at 10:35 am, Anthony (Tony) Francis <> 
>> wrote:
>> Hello  fellow Wamugers
>> A question for our experts.
>> I recently received a phone call from a “Survey Company”, in regards to 
>> Insurance, which Company I was with, how would I rate them etc. Whilst on 
>> the phone my Wife tried to get me to hang up as she had been informed by an 
>> IT Specialist at work that some of these so called Survey Companies are 
>> actually a front for hackers that can access all of your personal details on 
>> your phone whilst conducting their Survey. I can’t find anything on line to 
>> show me that this is possible?? Is anyone aware of this being a possibility??
>> Thanks Guy’s
>> Kind Regards
>> Tony
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