Hi Juliet - yes, if you go to the ABC iView site via your browser or
   app and try to Log In, you select the "With email" option. Once there,
   there is usually a "Forgot Password" button. If you select this, you
   will get a reset password link to your Inbox and you're on your way

   I use Passdiary as my holder of all passwords - very useful to minimise
   this problem recurring. I have literally hundreds of different accounts
   and no two are the same. There's polenty of other password manager apps
   available too.
   Kind Regards
   Peter Crisp

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     [WAMUG] Mac mini
     I have a mac mini which I purchased many years ago I am now trying
     to set
     it up for ABC Iview but I have forgotten my password is there anyway
     overcome this problem.
     Regards Bill
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