Hello All,
   It's all down to memory loss when I first started using this mini it
   was not going to go online so instead of giving a password I just hit
   enter, then when switched on today a password was requested to setup
   time etc., I forgot that my password was nothing so I finally got
   everything ready to setup but could not connect to internet.
   Checked in system preferences indicated that I was connected to my
   network but the wifi symbol at top of screen was blanked out, after a
   lot of thought tried to connect via hotspot on my phone and got
   connected but I still can't connect via my telstra modem.
   End of long story showing what happens when you get to 83 and start to
   forget things, Thanks for all the help offered.
   Regards Bill & Juliet
   PS I now live in Victoria.

   On Wed, Dec 7, 2022 at 6:05 PM Neil Houghton via WAMUG
   <[1]wa...@lists.wamug.org.au> wrote:

     Hi Bill,
     Let's try & clarify your exact problem.
     From your replies I understand that you do not actually have a
     password to login - but some sort of network problem which is
     stopping you from changing/setting the date/time - is that right?
     To further clarify just what is happening:
     Can you open system preferences?
     If so - go to the Users and groups pane - are you logged in as the
     only user? Can you confirm you have admin privileges
     Assuming that you are logged in as an administrator, go to the Date
     & Time pane and the Date & Time tab - I assume the check box is
     ticked to "Set date and time automatically" and a suitable time
     server is selected. Eg Apple asia([2]time.asia.apple.com?
     Assuming this is all OK, your problem seems to be that you do not
     have the internet connection to allow the time server to
     automatically set the system time.
     We need to narrow down the problem:
     Is your NBN modem correctly connected to the Internet - do you have
     any other devices currently connected to the Internet via this
     modem? Ipad, laptop, other computer, smart TV etc. If some other
     device is accessing the Internet with no problem through the same
     modem then that should prove that this is not the problem.
     How is your computer connected to the NBN?  Go to the network pane
     of system preferences and check. Are you connected via wifi or
     Select the mode that is showing as connected and it should give
     further details under Status: connected.
     Assuming that you are connected via wifi (the most common setup) try
     turning wifi OFF and then back ON again - I sometimes find this
     helps when things are playing up.
     If this has not worked and you had no other device confirming that
     the NBN internet connection was OK you could try switching OFF the
     NBN modem, leaving a few minutes and then switching it back ON again
     - it then might take a few minutes to boot up and go through its
     connection procedures. If you do this, you may also need to repeat
     the wifi disconnect/reconnect thing.
     I sometimes find that internet connections can get confused - I
     don't normally have problems with my computers but my old SAMSUNG
     smart TV often seems to lose connection and requires various steps
     (including switching the TV OFF/ON) before it can reconnect!
     Let us know how all this goes and the answers to questions above!
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     Subject: Re: [WAMUG] Mac mini
            Thanks again when I first fired up just hit enter so no passé
     word so
            no problem but can’t change time and date as I can’t connect
            internet even system settings indicate I am connected
            On Wed, Dec 7, 2022 at 14:27 Peter Crisp via WAMUG
            <[1][8]wa...@lists.wamug.org.au> wrote:
                 AH, I see your problem now - so it is the Apple account
                 you don't have. Sorry I went down the wrong burrow. I
                 know how to recover the Apple Password if it becomes
     lost. I hope
                 someone else here can help - I'd like to know too.
                 I suppose a call to Apple Help may get you along the way
              success but
                 if you're outside of the Apple Care date not sure if
                 Kind Regards
                 Peter Crisp
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                   "Juliet Kitson" <[4][11]billand...@gmail.com>
                   Wed, 7 Dec 2022 14:19:05 +1100
                   Re: [WAMUG] Mac mini
                   Thanks Peter,
                   I should have more specific when I fire up I am asked
     to set
                   and date
                   etc as I have no password to startup but I need a
     password to
                   change date and time which is the one I have forgotten
     my other
                   problem is
                   even though in system preferences it indicates I am
              to the
                   the network in the top of the page menu is blanked out
     and when
                   try to
                   open safari you are not connected to the internet
              appears by
                   way this mac mini is old and running HI sierra.
                   Regards Bill
                   On Wed, Dec 7, 2022 at 1:18 PM Peter Crisp via WAMUG <
                   [5][12]wa...@lists.wamug.org.au> wrote:
                   > Hi Juliet - yes, if you go to the ABC iView site via
                   > app and try to Log In, you select the "With email"
                   > there is usually a "Forgot Password" button. If you
                   > will get a reset password link to your Inbox and
     you're on
                   > again.
                   > I use Passdiary as my holder of all passwords - very
                   > this problem recurring. I have literally hundreds of
                   > and no two are the same. There's polenty of other
                   > available too.
                   > Kind Regards
                   > Peter Crisp
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                   > Wed, 7 Dec 2022 12:55:38 +1100
                   > Subject:
                   > [WAMUG] Mac mini
                   > Hello
                   > I have a mac mini which I purchased many years ago I
     am now
                   > to set
                   > it up for ABC Iview but I have forgotten my password
     is there
                   > to
                   > overcome this problem.
                   > Regards Bill
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