It isn't often when people speak of war or military might, that they
speak of the human tragedy.  I think if we often spoke of the insanity
and tragedy and true cost to civilization, that there would be a change
in consciousness, and with that, a change in those things that lead to

I hope no one minds me repeating a 1920's newspaper warning "Given our
known supply of oil and rate of consumption, we are headed for economic
disaster and possibly war".  It is curious to me that oil is not
mentioned in explanations of the collapse of all industrial economies
before the second world war.  Germany had to get to oil to maintain its
war effort.  Japan bombed our navy when we embargoed oil to Japan. 
Perhaps oil is mentioned when speaking of areas we must protect for the
national interest of the United States.  Like wasn't it the need to
protect shipping lanes that got the United States involved in Vietnam? 
It sure is oil that has involved in the Mid East, at great expense to the
tax payer.

The world has asked us to reduce our consumption of oil, and we seem
unwilling to do so, although geologist estimate known oil supplies will
be exhausted in 40 years.  By then the Mid East should be well armed and
without a resource for income to support the high standard of living oil
countries are enjoying now.  Do we assume these countries will return to
poverty without a fight?  Why do people war?

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