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<< I meant: where has it gone wrong in the USA when you cant make sure that 
every citizen at least have a deasent way of living in spite of so low prises 
on many commodities? >>
Another common misconception about America.

Our "poor" people....

The USA has the richest class of "poor" people in the world. We have food 
stamps, commodities programs, food banks, free clinics, umpteen programs that 
people can use to get clothing, counseling, mental health care, medicine and 
dental care, help finding and getting housing, job assistance, free schooling 
to help get a better job, child care, free breakfasts and lunches, ..... 
there is no end to everything that's out there if people really want to be 

Our poor aren't complaining about starving to death -- they're complaining 
about their cable TV being cut off for non-payment, or loosing their pagers, 
or why they can't get the latest designer clothes, or how they need to get a 
new tire for their car ... and why they can't all live like Rockefellers and 
Kennedys ... and a good portion of them, if offered a job, will turn it down 
because they can do better by being "poor" ..... 


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