> maybe I'll change it to psObj->type != OBJ_TARGET(camera object),there is
> only 5 'types' of objects,not need to do that imo.Also,psObj is
> BASE_OBJECT,adding new option/flag to that struct might break many things
> including netcode...
So we should have another item on the TODO?

> because both of them are 'Building',I need to set wpRadius to 1 for them,or
> their bounding box will be enlarged to unrealistic level(the one kamaze
> mentioned in forum)
> damageable flag is only available for 'FEATURE' type,even the transport in
> sp campaign uses a hack to prevent it from being destroyed...
And yet another item for the TODO list?
not sure,I am just avoiding modifying anything that might affect multiplayer code/requires multiplayer code changes.

> no,it's just 'reset' the hit bounding box's radius bonus to 1(no bonus)
It just looked to me that wpRadius is set before entering the loop of
neighbours and is never after set back to the old value (dependend on the
wpn), so for other neighbours it would still be 1. But maybe I am wrong, was
just a quick look.
you are right,wpRadius is never set back to the old value,but it shouldnt be a big problem,since this function is called every game loop/frame.

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