Am Montag, 13. November 2006 20:07 schrieb zz zz:
> >I mean generally for input handling... Wouldn't it be much simpler to just
> >use
> >SDL and in our eventhandler redirect specific events to special functions?
> >(And not have another layer above it. (and not have 1001 places where
> >events
> >are handled, OffTopic))
> >
> >--Dennis
> you cannot use the broken 'doubleclick' event in the current code...that's
> why it was left with a comment '//TODO:double click' imo
So SDL _has_ a doubleclick event??

What I meant was anyway a bit different:
1st Generally (a bit OT) I'd like to have one central eventhandler in WZ, 
which just calls functions of the subsystems when specific events occur. 
(Currently I think we have several of such handlers?)
2nd Strip additional layers where appropriate. Eg the input handling layer. 
Check SDL events instead and where that is not possible (doubleclick?) check 
whether in the last x ticks (eg use SDL_getTicks() instead of using the 
framerate calculation) there was allready a click and if yes interprete a 
doubleclick instead of a singleclick.

Warning: This may be completely crapy; I intended to have a look at this in 
some holidays when I got more time.


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