On Wed, 06 Dec 2006 18:20:34 -0500 Giel van Schijndel 
>> Thanks, that did the trick.  The ones on gna should be 
>> deleted/replaced. :)
>> I did up a quick .bat file (just modify paths)...
>> bison -d audp_parser.y -o audp_parser.c
>> bison -d resource_parser.y -o resource_parser.c
>> bison -d scriptvals_parser.y -o scriptvals_parser.c
>> bison -d script_parser.y -o script_parser.c
>> bison -d strres_parser.y -o strres_parser.c
>> flex -oaudp_lexer.c audp_lexer.l
>> flex -olevel_lexer.c level_lexer.l
>> flex -oresource_lexer.c resource_lexer.l
>> flex -oscriptvals_lexer.c scriptvals_lexer.l
>> flex -oscript_lexer.c script_lexer.l
>> flex -ostrres_lexer.c strres_lexer.l
>Doesn't MSVC provide a make-like system? Wouldn't it be nicer to 
>those ^ commands in such a makefile.
>Since MinGW/GCC already execute those commands through the use of
>makefiles (Makefile.raw sequence).
>I'm no MSVC expert btw, just give me (g)Vim and a shell console to 
>`make' in and I'm happy. The only IDEs I'm familiar with are
>Code::Blocks and DevCpp.
>Anyway, what I was trying to say is that the need to execute a 
>file/script doesn't seem nice to me. I'd prefer an automated build
>system (meaning only one build command or only one click on a 
I rather use a GUI system.  For the above, you just tell it to run 
the bat file first, then it will do that, and then compile 
everything with 2 clicks (1 for access menu, and then the other to 
select compile), or 1 hotkey to compile the project.

If it is one thing the MS did right, they really have a good 
enviroment for making/debuging programs.  It is also free, so that 
is a good thing. :)

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