I think I do not understand what is meant by:
1.Added 3 new propulsions that can be defined in
2.Added new structures:
rearmCentre(auto-rearm all units within its 'rearmRadius')
rearmField(a hybrid of rearm pad and factory,can build/support up
to 8 'jet' droids at one time)
3.Limited ammo and rearm.txt and added component ZNULLREARM to all
templates in templates.txt
note:1,2,3 might be partly unfinished/untested because they require
a mod to test and they dont affect the 'stock' wz"

What does it mean to require a mod to test?  If code was change, to
allow for this things, then why mod needed?

I didn't have time to test patch if it was commited, I was thinking
that this was going to go to a new branch for more testing before
going into main branch?

1.original wz mp doesnt have 'modern' plane but some sci-fi vtol's
2.orignal wz mp doesnt have 'water tile only' unit like a ship
3.original wz mp doesnt have limited ammunition and rearm facility for
ground units
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