Dennis Schridde schreef:
> Am Dienstag, 23. Januar 2007 17:51 schrieb Gerard Krol:
>> A little review based on only reading wz28b.patch, not applying it:
> Cool! Looks like someone is going to save me a bunch of time. :) Thanks!
Yes, watermelon, I'm willing to give that patch a look as well, though
smaller patches would not hurt.
> Watermelon: What should generally be avoided is magic values or names 
> shortened till mutilation... No one will be able to understand that code in a 
> few months...
> (But I think I am the one to blame for that OACTION thingy... I think I 
> remember reading that in earlier patches...
Indeed, and rather than using magic values or a whole bunch of #define
macros it might be better to use consts (preferrably static consts).
This will firstly prevent magic number confusion, and secondary prevent
those macros from walking all over your code. Since macros make finding
compiler errors (bugs as well) easier, because you shouldn't ever
declare a `static' in a header file.

Anyway, I'll give that patch a look somewhere tomorrow.


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