I checked 3 open-source graphics engine,seems most of them are not suitable
for warzone:
too big and complex,almost every source file is hundreds KBs weight and OGRE
doesnt provide binaries like other engine,so everyone has to comple gfx
engine huge lib project first before compiling wz source...
Staff and Community are very helpful,though I still think it'll take forever
to understand its tons of pages of documentation...
smaller than OGRE but from I heard it's unstable
seems it's not designed for a game(too slow)...

Besides the engine-specified problems,the biggest hinderance to using an
external render engine is the 'plain old C 'of wz,all those 3 engines
are more or less in a 'Change your codebase to C++ or dont use'
state,so personally I think fixing exist render engine is more viable and
easier to do.

Any comments? =)
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