Ari Johnson schreef:
> Another new crash...
> During the second away mission (SUB_1_2), after completing the mission
> and while driving back to the LZ, I get:
> error:      moveCalcTurn: target out of range
> error:      Assert in Warzone: move.c:983 : moveCalcTurn (target <
> MAKEFRACT(360) && target >= MAKEFRACT(0)), last script event:
> 'lastAttack1'
> move.c:983: failed assertion `target < ((FRACT)(360)) && target >=
> ((FRACT)(0))'
> The actual value of 'target' here is -2.14748365e+09.  That kind of
> looks like it might be an uninitialized variable.  Can someone look
> into this and let me know if it might be Mac-only?  If it's not, then
> I can file a bug report.
I have encountered this assert multiple times before and couldn't find
out what triggered it.

And since I'm not using a Mac (or any other big endian machine) this
should not be Mac-only.


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